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A Guide to Drive 8 & Under Participation for Your Local Association


The 2 and 2 Challenge is a call-to-action for local associations. It is a blueprint that guides youth hockey leadership through national programs and tools to realize their goal of acquiring 2 additional players and retaining 2 additional players than the previous season's total. 

By participating in the 2 and 2 Challenge, your program will be accomplishing two things:

  1. You will drive participation in the 8 & under age group and ensure that your program continues to grow as these players graduate to older age levels.
  2. Your association will establish itself not just as the best hockey program locally, but as the best youth sports option in your community!

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To complete the 2 and 2 Challenge, committed associations will utilize programs that emphasize the main driving forces of growth - Retention, Acquisition & Conversion.

Retention:  Welcome Back Week -- Sep. 14th - 20th
Acquisition:  Try Hockey For Free Days -- Nov. 7th & Feb. 20th
Conversion: Transition Programs -- Begins shortly after your Try Hockey For Free Day


If you take advantage of our national programs (Welcome Back Week, Try Hockey For Free Days and host a Transition Program), your association will be recognized as achieving the 2 and 2 Challenge and be rewarded with the following:

  • National recognition from USA Hockey
  • Banner for display in your rink
  • Four (4) sets of Starter Equipment

Capitalize on the 2 and 2 Challenge and participate in one additional program listed below to achieve Silver Status.

  • Host both national Try Hockey For Free events
  • Season Ice Breaker Event (Season Kick-off)
  • Girls' Hockey Weekend (Oct. 10th & 11th)

Achieve Silver status and participate in at least two additional growth initiatives and you'll reach the top of the podium as a Gold status associations.

  • Apply for a growth grant
  • Implement your own original growth program
  • Send an 8 & under specific newsletter
  • Hold an equipment drive
  • Send an end-of-season survey
  • Mail an end-of-season "thank you" postcard
  • Organize a female focused initiative within your coed 8 & under program


  • National recognition from USA Hockey
  • Banner for display in your rink
  • SILVER: Four (4) sets of Starter Equipment plus six (6) youth hockey sticks
  • GOLD: Four (4) sets of Starter Equipment plus six (6) youth hockey sticks and twelve (12) ringettes

2 and 2 Challenge Caps Successful Second Season!

A record 315 associations in 45 states participated in USA Hockey's 2 and 2 Challenge, a program that played a significant role in the record number of American players overall during the 2013-14 season.

Associations that commit to the 2 and 2 Challenge follow a systematic year-long plan of utilizing grassroots marketing tools and national events in an effort to add two additional new players and retain two more players than their previous season's 8-and-under player totals.

Congratulations to all associations that completed the 2013-14 season’s 2 and 2 Challenge! To view the complete list of associations and the status they achieved by Affiliate, please go here.